Benefits of each plan

Insight $936 /year

Premium $1,975 /year

Reach students from around the world with your profile page.

Edit your profile page at anytime, include information about your institution & programs, add photos and videos.
Students use EDUFINDME to find institutions that match what they are looking for.

edufindme plans
edufindme plans

Communicate quickly and effectively with students.

When students access your profile page they have the option to send a message, you receive all these messages. Exchange messages with students using EDU-Mail.

edufindme plans
edufindme plans

Turn requests into leads.

Students who request to connect with your institution are added to your network. Once a student joins your network you can contact them and have access to their complete profile.

edufindme plans
edufindme plans

Keep students up-to-date through Global Wall.

Both institutions and students have a Global Wall, it is like a news feed. Students in your network can see your posts and you can see posts that students make.

edufindme plans
edufindme plans

Reach students out of your network with Campaigns.

3,241,551 students around the world have created an EDUFINDME profile, with weekly Campaigns you can reach students that are using EDUFINDME but are not in your network.

edufindme plans

Receive quotation requests.

EDUFINDME receives requests from students for more information and quotations, we match these requests with institutions. On the PREMIUM plan you would receive these request and have the ability to answer and connect with that student.

edufindme plans


$ 936


$ 1,975

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See the details on each EDUFINDME marketing plan above and choose the best for you


學生提供他們的留學需要,教育機構提供他們的課程資料,EDUFINDME 連結他們進行配對,讓您們省時省力。

  • 除了學生資料外,您還可以聯繫高質數的學生進行招生
  • 使用專為智能手機而設的EDUFINDME APP,讓您簡單隨時隨地與學生聯繫。



  • The EDUFINDME Facebook page has more than ONE MILLION fans, by far the most popular among its kind.
  • 在FPP EDUMedia全年註冊活動推動下,EDUFINDME.com隨之倍速增長中。



  • EDUFINDME每個學生都有驗證他們的電郵地址,並花時間建立了一個完整的個人資料。因為他們與機構已經聯繫,學生們回與他們保持更新自己的檔案並積極參與其中。
  • You can see each student's full profile with information on when, where and what he/she wants to study abroad before you invite them to join your network.


Review EDUFINDME's rankings on,,, or any other website metric platform.

  • 請查看其它教育網站及比較排名,這是一個與拉丁美洲學生連結的不二之選。